Conservatory Roof Worksop

Enjoy Your Conservatory 365 days per year and add vaulue to your property.

Conservatory Roof Worksop Prices:

What is the cost to transform your Conservatory Roof Worksop into a Year Round Warm Room

A replacement Conservatory Roof Worksop can transform your old Conservatory into a brand new living space you can use all year round. Tiled Conservatory Roofs are a trusted local replacement Conservatory roof installer and we invite you to start your new Conservatory roof quotation by clicking here.

Replacing a Conservatory roof with a solid roof costs depends on the size and style of the roof, as well as whether you choose a tiled replacement Conservatory Roof or a combined tiled Conservatory roof with glazed panels or roof lights. Tiled Conservatory Roofs Conservatory Roofs will be able to advise on the best replacement Conservatory roof style for your project and provide a quote.

Replacing your Conservatory Roof Worksop can usually be done within two or 3 days once the components are available. If you are replacing your Conservatory roof with a solid or tiled conservatory roof, you will then need to allow for extra time for the interior to be plaster boarded and skimmed before you start to decorate.

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Why Choose TCR for your Next Conservatory Roof Project

Tiled Conservatory Roofs always provides an excellent, professional service, and we are proud and privileged that our customers feel highly of our work, enough to provide Tiled Conservatory Roofs with positive feedback, on Facebook, Google, several directories and here on our website Tiled Conservatory Roofs Customer Reviews.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Conservatory Roofs upgrade existing conservatories with a bespoke Conservatory Roof Worksop solution, insulated lightweight tiles and internally plastered to leave a beautiful finish. Our Conservatory Roof Worksop are of the highest quality while remaining affordable, with excellent customer services that put Tiled Conservatory Roofs on the map for Conservatory Roof Worksop.

Affordable Upgrade To your Conservatory Roof Worksop

Enlist our help and we will carry out a FREE initial Conservatory roof check and handle all the necessary regulations to ensure your installation is fully compliant.

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    Is Your Conservatory Like A Greenhouse in the summer and a fridge in the winter

    Do you want a conservatory that you can use all year round.

    View our customer comments and customers reviews to see what people say about the service we provide.

    Tiled Conservatory Roofs have the solution you are looking for and we are waiting for your call on 0800 158 3589

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    Do You want a Replacement Conservatory Roof Fitted by someone you can trust.

    Tiled Conservatory Roofs Offer the highest level of Deposit and Guarantee protection.

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    What are the benefits?

    Prevents overheating in the summer

    Retains heat in the winter

    Removes annoying glare from the sun

    Can be installed on almost all conservatory types.

    Minimal loss of ceiling height

    No change to the interior space

    Less outside noise

    Comfortable and Cosy Conservatories

    That Stay Cool In The Summer & Warm In The Winter

    Extend your living space, kitchen and dine under the stars with our bespoke and personalised replacement conservatories. Create a new home office, bedroom, or living room with our transformation options.

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    Some Conservatory Roof Common Questions, Answered

    Yes, a conservatory roof replacement is worth the cost. It will improve the thermal efficiency and give you a room you can use all year round. It will also give you a place to install spotlights and speakers and bring natural light into the room using full length glass panels or roof lights

    On average, you can expect your tiled, insulated and plastered replacement conservatory roof to cost from around £4,000 for a smaller conservatory, and up to £6,000 for a larger conservatories. To get an accurate price visit our quotation page

    The best roof for a conservatory is usually the one that adds the best return by keeping you comfortable all year round and increasing the value of your home, thats why we only supply leightweight, tiled and insulated conservatory roofs

    Guardian Conservatory Roofs are one of three types of Conservatory roofs we offer.  Typically a Guardian roof may cost between £7,000 for a small roof and upto £20,000 for larger conservatories.  Our goal is to offer the right solution at the right price – we give you a selection of solutions.

    Yes, you can. If the roof of your conservatory is built from polycarbonate or glass, it is possible to change it to a tiled conservatory roof. This is because they are built with lightweight tiling, so in most cases, existing conservatory frames should provide them with enough support.

    A conservatory with a glass or polycarb roof is unlikely to add value to your home as they are costly to upkeep and uncomfortable in inclement weather.  A glass or polycarb roofed conservatory simply doesn’t make sense as a home improvement.  A conservatory with a solid, tiled roof often does add value and will more than pay for itself when you come to sell.

    What Our Client’s Say

    Alex C
    Alex CClient
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    TCR have done the most amazing conversion of our conservatory. We had two clear requirements: the room must not feel or look like a conservatory, and it must be an excellent, all-year round living space. We would unreservedly recommend TCR for conservatory conversions. Truly a 5 star service!
    Nigel B
    Nigel BClient
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    Tony and Neal have done a top class job replacing my conservatory roof. I had a couple more quotes after them, but I always knew I was going to go back to TCR.
    Chloe W
    Chloe WClient
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    Delighted with our tiled roof. More like a garden room now – light and bright. Sun keeps it lovely and warm. We have installed a tv and a corner sofa – lovely to eat in there and look over the garden. Any prospective buyers in the future could use it as a playroom or second sitting room. Would recommend.