Whether you’re after a conservatory to use all year round, or even a new office space to work from home in comfort, we’ve got you covered.


We understand looking into a conservatory roof can be a big thing. Here at TCR, we want to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the decision you make, which is why we’ve answered some of the most common questions below.

The cost of a tiled roof can vary widely dependent on a number of factors, from whether you decide you want Tapco or Britmet tiles, to the size of the conservatory itself. In order to gather an accurate quote, why not fill in our form at the bottom of this page or drop us a quick call or Whatsapp.
Installing a new tiled roof onto a conservatory is a very technical job. You will need to install a new frame, one that is suitable for tiles, to replace the existing frame, and as this new system is most likely going to add weight to the structure. As such your conservatory may require some work done on its walls and foundations to be able to support the new tiled roof.

To eliminate any risk, we highly recommend getting professional help from a reputable specialist such as TCR to check if your conservatory’s existing roof frame is suitable. If it isn’t, it can easily be replaced with a new frame ready for your new tiled roof. While this incurs an extra expense, the peace of mind will be priceless.

The quick answer is no. In 2010, planning regulations were modified to allow conservatory roofs to be made of tiles or solid material. Although there may be building regulations restrictions or considerations, generally, a conservatory planning application is needed only at the outset of a new build. However, alterations to any existing height may result in the need for planning approval.
Yes they do! In fact, tiled conservatory roofs have a number of benefits, from reducing noise and energy bills, to actually adding value onto your property. For a full breakdown of the benefits of solid conservatory roofs, check out our benefits page.

Tapco is a lightweight and easy-to-use product that makes certain the ability to maintain extensions cool 365 days a year. It’s a multi-layered product that makes use of PIR insulations underneath which guarantees a balanced temperature.

With their sleek, neat looks, Tapco tiles are also a stylish option when creating an extension. They are available in a selection of classic finishes and textures such as Ember, Charcoal, and Walnut, meaning that they suit contemporary and classic extensions. Their high weather resistance provides assurance that the established style will remain for many years to come. By balancing style and performance, Tapco tiles stay true to the new trend of luxury interior design.

These roof tiles provide a life expectancy of over 40 years. Tapco are so confident in the durability and resilience of their tiles that they also provide a forty-year British Board of Agreement guarantee.

Britmet has the most extensive range of lightweight roofing systems and slate tiles that are all made in Britain.

Britmet also state that they offer a guarantee of 40 years against weather penetration, however the lifespan of these tiles often comfortably outlive this.