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Prepare Your Conservatory For The Winter Weather

Get Your Conservatory Winter Ready

The winter conservatory care season is upon us. Is it getting cold and wintery outside? Now is the time to prepare your conservatory to withstand the cool weather season and prevent unnecessary damage, leaks, and repair costs. When properly maintained, your conservatory can be used all year round. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this winter.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs can help you to create a Conservatory and a wonderful place to spend autumn days & evenings in a cosy room convenient for use irrespective of the outside conditions. Enjoying the last light in fine weather and whiling away the hours on darker days. Prepare your conservatory for the winter chill by taking advantage of the remaining good weather. It will be worth it.

Your gutters will need to be cleaned

Debris including slush, twigs and leaves can build up in your guttering and stop it from working. Your conservatory roof pools rainwater as a result of blocked guttering. These pools can cause overflowing gutters or leaks inside your conservatory.  Your gutters need to be cleaned in the Autumn and early winter. Your conservatory should be protected from shedding foliage, especially if it is located under or near foliage that sheds. To prevent drainpipe clogs, it’s also a good idea to invest in a leaf guard.

Clean your conservatory roof

Over the course of the year, dust and seeds can accumulate on the conservatory roof. During the winter, be sure to hose off the roof of your conservatory. For your tiled conservatory roofs, some soapy water and a brush or sponge will do the job nicely. For those tougher stains, soap and scrubbing, and use a bucket of hot water.

Check your timber frame

Check the paintwork on any exposed timber-framed conservatories before the winter weather sets in. Give your wooden frames a good clean down with a cloth and some hot water. Wring the cloth out and run it over your frames. Take note of any patchy areas that need touching up to keep them weather-proof, by adding some wood preservative.


Vacuum the internal roof!

Get into the corners and remove and spiders’ webs and even the spiders. Removing all the insects from all the corners and crevices will give you peace of mind and it will also stop the creatures from burrowing into your conservatory roof.

Watch out for corrosion

Check the glazing for signs of aging, are the glass panels misting up, take a close look at the rubber seals around your windows and doors. Checking for any holes or corroded areas that might let in water on rainy or snowy days. Likewise, check your hinges, handles, and locks for any signs of rust, or looseness. Tighten up any loose handles or hinges then give them a squirt with a can of WD40.

Remember Safety First

When you’re maintaining your conservatory, it’s vital to understand your limitations and not to exceed these as this is potentially where accidents can happen. Climbing on the roof to access some hard-to-reach corners might seem a good idea, it’s a huge and unnecessary risk to take.

Use extendible brushes to clean your roof. If you’re using a ladder, make sure you situate it on level, stable ground, and have someone there to hold it steady. Avoid working in wet weather and, if there’s a job you’re not able to do safely, call in an expert.

Bear all these tips in mind, and you’re all set to make the most of your bespoke conservatory this autumn.

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