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4 Ways To Use Your Solid Roof Conservatory

Whether replacing an old conservatory roof or building a new conservatory in Harrogate, a tiled solid roof conservatory is the way to go. Offering much greater usability than traditional glass and polycarbonate options, tiled conservatory roofs allow you to use your conservatory in more ways, giving you the most from your investment. A solid, insulated roof makes your conservatory more like a brick-and-mortar extension, without the additional costs, so whether you’re after a living room, guest room, office or something else, TCR Building Solutions Ltd makes it happen.

There’s an endless number of ways you can use your solid roof conservatory; the following are just some ideas:

Your solid roof conservatory as a Living Room

With a tiled roof, your conservatory in Harrogate will make a comfortable living room or social space because you won’t have to worry about excessive glare making a TV hard to see. In addition, the greater temperature regulation of a tiled roof when compared to a glass or polycarbonate roof ensures your conservatory will be a comfortable temperature no matter the weather.

A further benefit is that tiled conservatory roofs are quieter in the rain, so heavy rainfall won’t drown out conversations, music or other media.

Your solid roof conservatory as a Study or Home Office

Many homeowners in Harrogate long for a home office, but what if we told you your conservatory could be the perfect space? Simply replacing conservatory roofs with quality tiles is often all it takes to transform existing conservatories into highly practical and productive spaces.

Greater insulation, temperature regulation and noise insulation will ensure you can concentrate and work comfortably, and a tiled roof offers all these things.

Your solid roof conservatory as a Playroom or Games Room

A conservatory is an ideal space for a children’s playroom or games room because it is separate from the main living areas. This allows children to play and make noise without disrupting other family members. However, if you have a traditional roof your children probably don’t want to spend time in the conservatory because it’s either too cold or too hot.

The solution TCR offers our customers in Harrogate is tiled conservatory roofs. With a tiled roof, kids will be happy to play in the conservatory all day, plus it provides easy access to the garden in warmer weather, allowing them to make the most of indoor and outdoor play while being able to get out of the sun.

Your solid roof conservatory as a Dining Room

If you wish you had a separate dining room, why not make your conservatory into one? Depending on the size of your conservatory, you could create a joint living and dining space, or have a dedicated dining area. An effective option for multi-use spaces is to opt for a foldaway table, letting you make the most of the space outside of mealtimes.

Whatever you want to do with your Harrogate conservatory, a tiled roof ensures maximum comfort and usability. For tiled conservatory roofs in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, call TCR Building Solutions Ltd on 0800 158 3589 or 07491 774 917.

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