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Everything you need to know about Britmet tiles

Britmet Tiles

At TCR Building Solutions Limited, we use the highest quality materials for every project, offering a range of options to suit your budget, preferences and requirements. One of these options is tile roofing from Britmet Tiles, a leading UK manufacturer of lightweight roofing solutions. However, we know it is important for you to have all the information you need to make the right decision for your home in Hull, which is why we have produced this handy guide to Britmet tiled conservatory roofs.

The following are the key characteristics that make Britmet tiles such a popular choice for conservatory roof replacements:


Lightweight Britmet roofing is the perfect option for conservatories with uPVC, metal and timber frames because these structures cannot withstand traditional, heavy roofing materials. We can replace your conservatory roof in Hull without having to change anything else, and there is no risk of the materials we use causing irreparable damage as a result of strain.

Classic British Profiles

Britmet is the largest UK manufacturer of lightweight roofing materials, manufacturing all their products in the West Midlands. Their tiled conservatory roofs offer classic British styles, mimicking concrete and slate. We can match materials to your existing roof or neighbouring properties to ensure a seamless design.

Pitch and Quality

A low pitch roof (20 degrees or less) provides more efficient heating and cooling and easier maintenance. With Britmet roofing, we can achieve roof pitches as low as 5 degrees for conservatories and garden offices in Hull and offer much more attractive finishes than flat roof systems. In addition, Britmet conservatory roofs are virtually maintenance-free and the tiles won’t chip, break or delaminate.

As a further sign of quality, Britmet products come supported by a range of certifications and the company offers competitive guarantees on their roofing.

Easy Installation

Designed to speed up installation times, Britmet roofing is quick and easy to fit, reducing the time it takes to replace your roof. Adding to this is the expertise of our team in Hull, who work efficiently and to the highest standard. As a result, we minimise disruption and save you money on labour costs, no matter the size of your project.


There are many reasons to get a solid tiled conservatory roof, and one of these is the fact that Britmet offers a range of sustainability benefits, such as:

  • Due to the lightweight nature of Britmet tiles, more can be transported in a single lorry load, reducing fuel consumption.
  • Offering excellent thermal efficiency, our tiled conservatory roofs help minimise energy use within your Hull home.
  • The weather resistance and long lifespan of Britmet tiles mean you won’t need to replace your roof as often, reducing waste. The tiles are also recyclable at the end of their usable life.
  • For enhanced sustainability, Britmet offers the Liteslate tile, made from 90% recycled polymers.

Why Tiled Conservatory Roofs

“Since our Establishment in 2011, Tiled Conservatory Roofs have become the foremost specialists in insulated conservatory roofs. Our personnel has quick and direct access to locations across the region. With our levels of expertise and experience, however, we take on jobs nationwide. We only provide high-performance solid conservatory roofs for complete customer satisfaction. So, if you only use your conservatory for half the year, take a look at our replacement conservatory roofs to maximise its potential.”


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