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Questions to ask when planning your roof replacement

If you’ve decided it’s time to install a solid roof on your conservatory, of if you are considering it, there are some key questions you should ask yourself and your installer. As an experienced provider of tiled conservatory roofs, TCR Building Solutions Ltd knows what homeowners in York need to consider, and we help you make the best choices for your property and needs.

As a starting point to planning your solid conservatory roof, we have listed a number of important questions that will help ensure you get your ideal result:

What are the planning permission and building regulation requirements?

Changes to planning regulations in 2010 mean planning permission is no longer necessary to replace glass or polycarbonate roofs with solid conservatory roofs, in most cases. However, it is always important to check to avoid issues and fines.

You may still need building regulations approval for your Conservatory roof York project, for example, to ensure your existing conservatory structure can bear the extra weight of a tiled roof. Building regulations will also apply to any electrical work and glazing.

Will my new roof improve insulation and energy efficiency?

Issues with poor energy efficiency and uncomfortable temperatures are two of the main reasons our customers in York opt for tiled conservatory roofs. As such, you need to know the replacement roof you are getting will improve the performance and comfort of your conservatory.

Checking the U-value, or thermal performance, of replacement roofing materials will let you know how effective they are at retaining heat in winter and keeping the space cool in summer. The team at TCR Building Solutions Ltd is always happy to discuss U-values with you, just get in touch!

Is my conservatory suitable for a new roof?

Tiled roof replacements are suitable for most conservatories as long as the framework is structurally sound and can bear the weight of the new roof. Your installer should carry out a survey to ensure your conservatory is suitable and advise on the best options for your project.

TCR Building Solutions uses innovative lightweight roofing materials, such as Britmet and Tapco tiles, providing safe and reliable solutions for all kinds of conservatories in York and the surrounding areas.

Will I need new doors and windows as well?

Tiled conservatory roofs are ideal for improving the energy efficiency and usability of conservatories. However, if the windows, doors and frames are old, damaged or inefficient, you won’t get the most from your space. To enjoy the full benefits of your solid roof conservatory, we recommend making sure all features are in good condition, replacing them as necessary at the same time as the roof.

When you choose TCR, you also have access to installation services for replacement frames, roof windows and a range of doors, including French, sliding and bifold styles.

Contact TCR Building Solutions on 0800 158 3589 or 07491 774 917 for tiled conservatory roofs in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

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